Just Be Cause… I Hate Japan


This month’s Just Be Cause is a spew of hate and, quite frankly, racism:

That is precisely what tatemae does to Japanese society. It makes everyone into a politician, changing the truth to suit their audience, garner support or deflect criticism and responsibility.

One point I find interesting is that he appears to blame the Japanese for bringing Hiroshima and Nagasaki on themselves (my highlighting):

The Japanese Empire’s deception about its treatment of prisoners of war and noncombatants under the Geneva Conventions (e.g., the Bataan Death March, medical experiments under Unit 731), not to mention lying to its own civilians about how they would be treated if captured by the Allies, led to some of the most horrifying mass murder-suicides of Japanese, dehumanizing reprisals by their enemies, and war without mercy in World War II’s Pacific Theater.

If anyone would like to provide an alternative explanation, I’m all ears.

And of course, he finishes off with his usual "Fookooshimar will kill us all!"

As the public — possibly worldwide — sickens over time, the truth will leak out.

I’ve defended the printing of previous columns as being just the Japan Times trolling for page views, but I cannot do it in this case. Or perhaps the joke is on me – this is just an illustration of uso mo houben, mixing a certain amount of facts with wild speculation and flat-out disinformation?

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  1. Wow. You know, I hear a lot from old-timers similar to Debito that they’ve been here much longer than me so they know Japan better than I possibly could, and I will gladly concede that point if they’ll admit they’ve been out of other countries so long they’ve completely and utterly forgotten what their former homes are really like.

  2. Aw, Shaun — didn’t you see the pre-emptive strike?

    Apologists would say (and they do) that lying is what everyone in positions of power does worldwide…

  3. So the Japanese use tatemae, which is apparently a devise that goes beyond the “little white lie” told in English – except of course that with tatemae is more often than not understood by the listener to be a way of implying the full story without ever going there verbally. So telling “little white lies” is actually lying and seen as okay in the west, but tatemae is frequently not really a lie at all, right?

    The rest is just orientalist bullshit, as usual.

  4. Ken is absolutely right. It is no exaggeration to conclude that this article is the product of racist leanings and inexcusable fearmongering. I’m being quite serious.

    To buy into Arudou’s argument, one first has to explain how anyone knows what the “truth” really is and then somehow magically be able to divine the motivations of an entire government and society in concealing the “truth” from you. Apparently, the “truth” (whatever that may be) is divined by skin color in Arudou’s worldview — the Japanese [fill-in-the-blank] know the “truth” but won’t dole it out to innocent Westerners.

    Can everyone see how absurd Arudou’s argument is in its most basic form?

    For someone like Arudou to complain about the lack of rigor and “good social science” over and over again on his blog makes Arudou’s argument this month all the more silly and weak. I would sincerely ask Debito.org readers to consider why they find his writings so compelling if they actually value such things as methodology and disapprove of such things as blanket stereotyping of a people.

    I suspect most Debito.org readers, assuming they’re serious, will have difficulty with his basic premise this month.

  5. Truthiness.

    We’re not talking about truth, we’re talking about something that seems like truth – the truth we want to exist.


  6. Or journalists themselves engage in barely researched, unscientific or sensationalistic reporting, undermining their trustworthiness as information sources.

    :headdesk: :headdesk: :headdesk:
    The irony of that comment makes my head hurt. I am not sure why.

    To follow that up with his war comments seems to conveniently forget thimgs like Bush Jr.’s lie about Iraqi WMDs.

  7. assuming they’re serious

    How one can be serious and follow his train of thought is a mystery to me.
    Serious in an honest intellectually rigorous sense and the name debito together sets off red alarms all over in my head screaming “oxymoron.”
    This entire article is basically just about how he has no sense of intuition, can’t read between the lines, can’t comprehend the atmosphere, etc. It’s not rocket science, but I guess it’s VooDoo if you’re deficient in that regard.
    Because anything not stated in the most blunt fashion imaginable must be a lie. What a self-deluded douchebag.

  8. Indeed, apologists *would* say that. So would a normal human being with an ounce of perspective.

    I see this kind of form a lot, this whole “X would say this, but…” and it’s a standard way of preemptively cutting off a counter-point in a debate if you already have a response that defeats the counter-point.

    Unfortunately, the response from Debito (and some others I’ve spoken with) usually goes “apologists would say this, but my feeling is that this situation is worse somehow”. That would be a pretty poor reply even if they were quite familiar with the things they are comparing, but when it’s clear they are not, it becomes hilarious.

    But sure, Debito et al, no other government lies as harmfully as the Japanese government, no other media is in the pockets of various organizations that liberally push down or promote stories according to their agendas, no other people lie to avoid conflict and/or further their own agendas. Debito would say who cares about other countries, he is focused on improving this one, but he is not shy about framing things in terms of comparisons with other countries, so that’s not really an acceptable defence.

    If he does happen to move to Canada someday, I look forward to seeing his human rights activities continue there. Canada has a not insignificant amount of issues with regards to past atrocities, racial discrimination, and corporate/government corruption. However, I wonder if he’ll care when he’s no longer the “target” of said injustices. My guess is no.

  9. In a nutshell, Japanese people have been uniquely liars and they are still liars.
    Shame on Japan Times for posting such an article.

    Anyway, since I sometimes hear newbies confused about tatemae, ちょっとこの件について私の愚論を。

    Suppose a girl falls in love with a boy. If she can’t say it in public for some reason but instead she says she is just a friend or he does not like her. That is tatemae.

    Suppose a boy hates the people of color, but he says people are equal and should be treated as such , that’s tatemae.

    Suppose a woman is in need of money and she is offered donation, She badly wants it, but considering everything, she refuses it. That is also tatemae.

    Suppose a man thinks the Japs are uniquely liars and he hates the Japs but he can’t say it directly in public but insinuates it indirectly in public. That’s also tatemae.

    Note tatemae and honne develop when there is a discrepancy between your personal opinion and what you think you are not socially supposed to say in public.

    Note also Honne and Tatemae do not have to be contradictory.

    ざけんじゃねえよ、Japan Times,いつまでも、糞記事垂れ流し続けやがって!いい加減にしろ!

    こうした不適切な記事をJapan Times が掲載し続けるのはいかがなものでしょうか?

    Furthermore, it partly functions like Political correctness— seeking to minimize social and institutional offense.

    If you really think that man and woman should be equal and say it in public, tatemae and honne overlap.

    There is nothing unique to Tatemae.

    Brown sorry for ‘bigot’ gaffe
    Brown was speaking Tatemae in public but he was speaking honne when he forget to turn his microphone off.

    Politicians all over the word are full of Tatemae in public; They praise democracy, liberty, and fairness, but in reality they often act upon self-interest and national interest. Their actions does not agree with their words.

    the English speaking peoples became known on the European continent as “master in the art of concealing their selfish national interest in the guise of the general good.
    E.H. Carr

    Japanese PM now says he will relocated Futenma base but his honnne might be 沖縄の状況みてみれば、できるわけないだろ。

    いずれにせよ、本音と建て前が日本人論で強調されすぎている、と思います。そして、有道氏の記事は、産経の中国韓国記事以下、一部の反韓サイトの韓国人本質論と同レベルですね。Japan Timesもいい加減にしてほしい。


  10. I suspect most Debito.org readers, assuming they’re serious, will have difficulty with his basic premise this month.

    I hope you’re right, but I strongly suspect that it will be comments that agree that will get approved, on the whole. We’re moaning because we can’t handle the Truth Octane. :roll:

  11. Accountability….that is what is missing. There is no real FEAR of being held accountable here. As long as you are in a “protected” position, there is little fear of having your own personal dirty laundry being aired. I think that this is fairly true. but really…….

    Human beings are mostly selfish and destructive fucktards and now we have lost the ability to have camederie even within our own species.(If it ever even existed in the first place) Someone should write an article on that.

    We all suck.

    So,embrace the negativity spewing out of everyone everywhere and enjoy your front row seats to the theater of endtimes.

    doomed doomed doomed doomed doomed.

    “Flowers grow best on top of mass graves. Come and see the beauty of inhumanity”

  12. Wow. That was over the top, even for Debito.

    I’ve sent off a letter to the Japan Times, we’ll see if they run it. If not, I’ll post it here later on.

  13. Interestingly (or not), I was discussing this exact same topic on another part of the internet just the other day. Someone over there declared, authoritatively, that in Japan it is culturally acceptable to be two-faced because tatamae/honne is an important part of Japanese culture (as demonstrated by a link to wikipedia).

    But, as I said there, outside of nutjob nihonjinron mentalists, I have only ever encountered tatamae/honne in the wild in the context of someone being too shy to express themselves, or being careful not to hurt someone else’s feelings. My experience of doing business in both countries suggests that Japanese businesses and individuals are no more prone to dishonesty than their western counterparts. And western culture has a load of similar idioms and cultural traditions, such as telling white lies, or putting a brave face on things, or keeping a stiff upper lip.

    So I think it’s just pretty blatant racism to suggest that the Japanese are somehow more predisposed towards duplicity and lies than the rest of us. I think it’s pretty clear to anybody willing to use their brain that Japanese culture is as nuanced as western culture is about honesty and dissimulation.

    But the pervasiveness of the whole tatamae/honne trope among expats in Japan, and the unthinking recycling of these barely credible, borderline (or not) racist generalisations demonstrates exactly why it’s important that there is a vocal opposition to people like debito. Even though in real terms his influence is limited, his ability to cause actual, real damage is multiplied by the capacity of his blog and column to perpetuate these sorts of myths and percolate them through the networks of dissatisfied expats and disgruntled English teachers who read his site.

    tl:dr=debito is a massive racist.

  14. There’d be a lot less doom and gloom if we didn’t have to gaman with this kind of racist tripe.
    I feel like I have camaraderie with the world.
    I just sometimes let my true feelings about the kind of pompous bigoted jackwagon that debito is fly on these forums because, frankly, why not?
    It’s kind of a stress relief and reaffirms that I only have issues with a select few: willfully ignorant ones that insist on spewing their bile all over the public domain.
    The best part is, I don’t feel guilty because he’s made his bed and deserves every last bit of it.

    If it all gets to be too much, I’d suggest to go outside and bask in the glow of the radia– I mean rain. :wink:

  15. Post it anyways. You’ve piqued my interest.

  16. Speculating for a moment…

    If one doesn’t speak Japanese proficiently, and is conversing with a Japanese person who is similarly limited in your native language, the resulting conversation is going to be stripped of nearly all its nuance and subtlety.

    If you only understand a fraction of what’s being said, or hear a haltingly-spoken, grammatically fractured version of what your counterpart really wants to say (or even more so, an interpreted version through a 3rd party after the fact), then of course you’re going to lose all the figures of speech, physical cues, and other forms of unspoken communication that two native speakers of any language would pick up without even thinking.

    The effect, then, of only being capable of communicating in rough strokes of black and white, is that when you encounter anything that doesn’t fit your understanding, you’re reaction may well be “That’s not what I was told. Ergo, it’s a lie.” when in fact every native speaker who heard the same statement understood the shades of gray perfectly. Trip over this enough times without realizing that you’re the source of the misunderstanding, and you’re liable to reach the conclusion that “those people are always lying.” You speak in exactly the same way in your own language with people of your own culture, but because communication is fluid enough, you rationalize it as a simple mode of everyday speech, not like those lying liars from that other culture.

    Of course, this is just my own opinion, formed from idle speculation and not based on any actual research. It would be wholly in appropriate of me to pretend that it held any academic weight or could be applied to an entire class, race, or culture.

  17. Well, I sent the letter in under my real name, and I’m a fat flaming coward that wants to keep a semblance of net anonymity.

  18. I’m not sure I like this. I know that Crustpunker maintains both a presence here and on Debito.org but his response is too vague. This article is what should sever the with us from the against us. If you can read the blatantly racist subtext of this article (and I don’t think that all of his readers are that stupid) you’d do yourself good to stay far away from Debito after this one.

  19. it’s just sad really. No solutions being offered as to how to rectify. This is bad, Japan is horrible, but everywhere else is horrible..horrible horrible too…It is like that southpark episode where everything that comes out of everyones mouth is literally shit…

    The article just points out the bad and leave s it hanging over your thoughts and mind in a kind of sick miasma. I just would like to hear about something going on that doesn’t ruin my day.

    answering hate with hate and all of it…just getting to be too much.

    hate hate hate..witty,snarky,trolling,informative, critical,useful… is this? this is?

    i don’t know what anyone is trying to say anymore……

  20. If you’re looking for a solution to rectify people lying to avoid conflict, be polite, or save face, well, I’m sorry, there isn’t one. The ability (and inclination) to lie is pretty much part and parcel with an understanding that other minds exist.

    This shouldn’t hit you as hard as it seems to be. There are considerably worse things in the world than lying. Just deal with it like every adult does.

    You want to hear about something going that doesn’t ruin your day? Babies are being born. Kids are having fun. Someone is marrying their sweetheart right now. About a million people are ejaculating this very second. Chocolate still tastes awesome.

    Life and the world only appear to be depressing shit if you view it that way. It’s not all nice, but it’s not all terrible either.

  21. Some idiot commented on his “LOOK AT THE AWESOME RESPONSE I GOT TO MY LAST SCREED” page this gem (regarding Fookoosheemar):

    “This is Japan’s most critical time in its history.”


    I suppose if you define “history” to be “Japan 1975-2011″ then yes, that’s true. I may need to be corrected, however.

  22. ”This is bad, Japan is horrible, but everywhere else is horrible..horrible horrible too…”

    That’s not what Mr.Arudo wants to say.

    ”Apologists would say (and they do) that lying is what everyone in positions of power does worldwide, since power itself corrupts. But there is the matter of degree, and in Japan there is scant reward for telling the truth — and ineffective laws to protect whistle-blowers”

    ”We Japanese” are especially bad in a unique way.
    And that is his consistent claim, coupled with other claims that “don’t go to Japan, leave Japan”

    That is what irritates me and that is what makes Debito org looks a hate-blog and I contend it IS a hate blog just like an anti-Korea blog or anti-Islam blog.

    It is a cultural racism rather than justifiable criticisms against Japan and the Japanese as seen in the rational discourses on the media.

    It is Geert Wilders type of racism; it pretends to be liberal but it is blatant hate activism against a specific group of people.

    A hate blog wants to stir the pseudo controversies by raising questions like “Are blacks/Japanese intellectually inferior? “Can you make friends with Muslims/Japanese ?” ” Aren’t Koreans/Japanese essentially liars?”
    Some naively assume that we are somehow fundamentally, essentially different from “them”, and they take the questions seriously; however, their presupposition is wrong in the first place.

    I thought nobody would take Debito org/
    Debito articles seriously but that was not the case; surprisingly, lots of people including Japan Times and some foreign correspondents take it seriously. Bullshit.

    正しい指摘がないわけではないが、とんでもない主張が紛れこんでおり、全体として、いつものように、くだらない日本・日本人憎悪の論調になっている。有道氏の記事およびブログがまともだ、と感じる人がいれば、それは、まあ、ウィルダー氏の活動がまともだ、と思う人ど同様だろう、こちらも半ばあきらめている。It is surprising even some self-proclaimed liberal or left wing correspondents either side with his blog and or not against it, though.

    I just want to say to the readers of Debito org;
    If you have problems living in Japan, don’t ask Debito for help; as he admits he is not an activist. He is a negative campaigners. Your questions and complaints will be just abused.
    If you are seeking for adequate information on Japan, keep in mind his blog and the comment sections are manipulated

    Ask somebody else, or you should start your own activism working with the Japanese people.
    Also keep in mind his activism is harming gajin images badly.

  23. I question his ability to discern nuance or shades of grey in English.
    He has a need to categorize each statement and event into black/white divisions. This generally leads him to make snap judgments and either assume something supports his view 100% or to rail against it.
    How often have we seen him completely miss the boat even when the content is in English?

  24. Midfield Marauder

    Arudou actually has some reasonable points in his article. But go ahead, attack him for the sake of it.

  25. Midfield Marauder

    Here we go again 空。
    Debito dares to criticise the master race and you don’t like it.

  26. So the options are…
    - All Japanese are filthy liars and Japanese culture is a stain on the Earth


    - All Japanese believe they’re part of the master race because they’re filthy liars and Japanese culture is a stain on the Earth.

    You’re not making much of a case for the article not being racist.

  27. “attack him for the sake of it.”

    He’s being attacked because it’s racist and offensive. Not for the sake of it.

    Is this really the best his supporters can come up with?

  28. “Debito dares to criticise the master race and you don’t like it”

    I dare to criticize your master and you don’t like it.








    Note most of Mr.Arudo’s defenders are not able to read and write Japanese. I encourage you to participate in the local discourse in Japanese. That way, only in that way, you can
    make a constructive difference; otherwise, you guys just look like some fundamentalists—like some Muslim fundamentalists, or Christian colonialist—or patients with Paris syndrome who unfairly attack the host country based on the skewed narratives of the host country.

    Successful immigrants are able to communicate in the local language.

    As I’ve been saying, I am not saying that there are no problems in Japan, and I am aware that immigrants face their problems specific to them in every country. There is nothing wrong with pointing them out.
    I am just suggesting to participate in the local discourse in Japanese.そして、 莫妄想

  29. Elaborate and I’ll happily debate them with you. I won’t suffer any bullshit logic though, so make sure you’ve got your A-game ready.

  30. >Wow. You know, I hear a lot from old-timers similar to Debito that they’ve been here much longer than me.

    Much as I agree with your sentiment, that would imply that Debito is still here.


    He’s done a bang up job of disguising this fact on his blog, and so far, basically by not saying anything, has managed to string people along in believing he’s still here. It amounts of blatant deceit at best.

    He’s fled. Gone. Left. Is no longer resident here. Flown. Run away.

    Call it what you will – he ain’t comin’ back. It’ll be interesting to see when he finally gets around to admitting this. I’m surprised Tepido.org hasn’t picked up on this more strongly yet.

  31. I agree with you.

    He has some reasonable points. He also has some unreasonable points. Does one forgive the unreasonable points because of an underlying call for accountability, or does one sweep over the call for accountability due to the borderline racist statements and stereotypes and Japanese people?

    I want people to think about some issues he brought up (especially justice issues), but I wish he wrote it in a way that doesn’t give off the impression that Japan deserved being bombed by nukes twice. Due to this conflict, all I can say is “interesting read”, meaning I think it’s good for people to read , but in no way to I want to endorse it or associate with it.

  32. I wonder what average Japanese – let alone those with more robust views on history and politics – might think of Debito’s implication that they somehow brought Hiroshima and Nagasaki on themselves.
    The problem with him publishing in the JT in English is that he’s basically operating within an expat echo-chamber.
    Maybe it would be worthwhile to help him reach a wider audience by, say, posting a translation of this article on 2ch?

  33. I’m dicing with the world of stalking here, though I would just call it being observation, but for at least the last month the times of debito.org blog posts and the times when when the comments are approve indicate someone who is not on Japanese time. :wink:

    For those that claim it doesn’t matter where he is, I would argue that is does, especially when he seeks credibility in interpreting Japanese opinion and what the media are saying. Also, he clearly thinks it’s important to be in Japan, else why would he hide the fact he has gone. :?:

    Still, he does have a habit of dropping hints then never following through with full disclosure as promised. Obituaries come to mind and what about his things in the “pipeline” about the copyright attacks against him? Ken, did you find out the truth behind his accusations? Although, I’m sure he would follow up with his book review of that enormous history work he read, if anyone asks…

  34. *Or observant, rather than observation.
    Maybe that means I’m not then or just too stupid to read back my comment before posting.

  35. Is there proof of his departure? I wonder whether the Japan Times knows. Surely they’d reconsider giving column inches to a self-appointed expert if he no longer has any tangible connection to the country he writes about.

  36. The nukes are a tricky issue, and while I’m probably going to state the obvious for everyone, just in case one person is bottling resentment (common in PC times), I want to type it out for them.

    It’s wrong to say Japanese brought the nukes on themselves; however, it was a time of war, and a war that was initiated by the Japanese government. The argument (for me) is that the nukes took it too far, as did the bombing of Dresden in Germany. The Soviets and Americans invading Nazi Germany is perfectly sound, the bombing and killing of over 100,000 civilians in Dresden is an atrocity that the German people did not bring upon themselves. Likewise, in Japan, the American invasion of Japan is sound, the bombing of two civilian targets was not something the Japanese people brought upon themselves. Atrocities are labeled as atrocities, regardless of the side they occurred on. The victims of such atrocities are not blamed for them.

    Oh quiet resentful one, I hope that answers your feelings of “but they were the bad guys!”

    If I’m getting it wrong, as always, let me know.

  37. I always took it that the bombs were dropped to send a message to the Russians, but maybe I’m misunderstood.

  38. It’s the sheer sourness at debito.org these days that wears me down, now that every aspect of life from friendship, to sex and to linguistics is said to be somehow abnormal. It reads like the musings of some saloon-bar grouch who, having lost confidence in Japanese politics, has now lost respect or liking for Japanese people themselves, and is just preaching blame to any other stragglers who will listen. (And anyone who idly claims Japan is unchanged since the fascist-era is on very thin ice.) Pity; the original civil-rights impulse of the site was a good one, IMHO, but now it has come to this. Time to move on.

  39. That’s my understanding as well.
    Japan was suing for peace before we dropped them. The justification was that they weren’t willing to accept unconditional surrender as the allies determined at Potsdam.
    But you look at the surrender after the nukes, and the exact same condition is there: preserve the imperial family.
    In other words, dropping the 2 nukes accomplished nothing whatsoever.

    “the bombing of two civilian targets ”

    Actually we bombed over 100 civilian targets.
    You don’t use fire-bombs to take out industry and manufacturing. You use those to burn down people’s homes at night.
    Just saying.

  40. Yeah. I used to find a lot of things to agree with over there too, but somewhere along the line he stopped pursuing justice and just started taking swings at anything and everything.

    He’s always said he wants to make the country a better place, and for all the points I disagreed with him on, I genuinely believed that his intentions were to improve the country. I don’t believe it these days. He just wants to burn it all.

  41. I think you’re getting it wrong insofar as I wasn’t seeking your take, or anyone else’s, on what is, frankly, a tired debate on the rights and wrongs of particular historical episodes.
    I was expressing interest in how ordinary Japanese, or those with a more patriotic bent, would react to reading his article and its stridently ant-Japanese assertions.
    Specifically, I think it would be very interesting to see the response on 2Channel if a translation of the article were to be posted there. 2Channel’s response to the old WaiWai column in the Mainichi English edition had far-reaching implications.

  42. Midfield Marauder

    Happy to discuss things in Japanese sora, but you only want me to write in Japanese so that you can pick apart my errors (I never learned Japanese in a formal setting, mostly by self study once I got to Japan).

    That said, where I will criticise Debito right now, is that he doesn’t seem to have any clear purpose behind what he is doing, and he appears to have given up on Japan.

    This does not make his points any less valid however.

  43. And what, pray tell Midfield Maurader, are Debito’s “valid points” in his latest screed?

    By all means, enlighten us.

  44. Midfield Marauder

    Happy to discuss things in Japanese sora, but you only want me to write in Japanese so that you can pick apart my errors

    As long as your Japanese makes sense, it will be okay. If you don’t want me to correct your Japanese, I won’t. But as I said before, I might rephrase your sentences to confirm the meaning and I’ll ask questions if your Japanese is not clear. That is necessary for a discussion.

    Go ahead, please counter-argue two points I raised above, hopefully in Japanese so that more Japanese readers could understand—that will be more constructive. Of course, if you have something in particular to say to the people who are not proficient enough in Japanese, you might also want to write in English.

    The fact that his blog has rarely references to Japanese articles and books and Japanese opinions is one of the problems with Debito org—Debito org is not a good source for information on Japan.

    I’ve discussed with David Chart before in Japanese; we didn’t agree, but that was not a problem—we just enjoyed the discussion.

    I think it is important to show to Japanese people that Japanese and foreigners are discussing just as Japanese people are debating among themselves and it is a good opportunity for Japanese people to know how a foreigner is feeling, the problems s/he is facing, and for a foreigner it is a good chance to know some perspectives from Japanese people. Unfortunately, Mr Arudo has done nothing like that—-Debito org is not a blog for an activist.


  45. I have lots and lots of circumstantial evidence that point to him not working in Hokkaido any more, him having shipped stuff overseas, having said his farewells, etc, etc, but the ball is now in his court for him to come out and say he has departed these shores.

    I doubt if the JT cares, quite frankly. They print whatever spew he cares to produce, so why would where he lived bother them?

  46. >He’s done a bang up job of disguising this fact on his blog,

    But, wouldn’t that be… lying??? :shock:

  47. If Mr.Arudo is not living in Japan now, some of you could use the (part of ) following logic to him by his own admission.

    Surely White Japanese (and long-term immigrants to Japan) such as myself have the freedom to choose our own beliefs, and call something hypoctical within our home society(Japan)if we so choose. And not be taken to task by White boys like you bringin in the race card, who have lived in Japan all of a year and don’t live in Japan now, Kindly fuck off

  48. That is precisely what tatemae does to Japanese society.



  49. Look at his google+ page, you’ll notice that he seems to have a couple of jobs that he didn’t have before all of which can be done from a remote location such as – oh – Canada…

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