I’m trying to coin a new word here, much like we have the Troofers who know all about the 9/11 conspiracy that the MSM is hiding from the sheeple, Fookooshimars are those who believe the wild-eyed rantings of those self-proclaimed, self-serving experts saying everyone is going to die horribly from cancer. Mr Arudou is one of these fellows.

Just for the record, my position is that the emissions from Fukushima are not terribly nice, and I think the 20 millisieverts limit is perhaps too high. Furthermore, I understand that people with children in Fukushima and the surrounding areas can find it difficult to look at the situation objectively. Furthermore, I raised an eyebrow when the first rice crop from Ibaraki was declared completely free of radioactive caesium.

Having said that, there is a lot of wrong thinking when it comes to radiation. The panic over 50 Becquerels per kilo of beef when bananas have double that and brazil nuts nearly ten times as much. A few wards in Tokyo setting the maximum level of 0.2 microsieverts per hour for public parks, or 1.75 millisieverts per year, which comes pretty close to the average background radiation in the UK and half the granite city of Aberdeen or the radon-rich parts of Cornwall.

Anyway, back to his article. First, the article is full of "we" (not to mention "wee"…), but who is this mysterious we? Everyone knows is a one-man operation, so using the royal we is either pomposity or it weakens his case, as it gives me the impression of him not personally standing behind his words.

The Fukushima Crisis has exposed the inability of the GOJ (whether you mean politician or bureaucrat) to respond in a timely or safe manner

It’s you who should be defining whether the GOJ means the political or bureaucratic service, not leaving it up to the reader. Have the cojones, as you might say, to come out clearly. How did Kan perform? NIST? The opposition? Other cabinet members? I recommend Ampontan as a worthwhile read, and no, you don’t have to agree with his personal politics to get plenty out of his site.

Some referential articles follow, showing 1) the slow poisoning of children by Fukushima (NHK World),

The article says "it is unlikely that thyroid cancer will increase in the future" (but of course, they would say that, wouldn’t they :roll: ).

2) how deep the institutional rot runs (NY Times),

That article puts almost all the blame on Kan and his office.

3) more on the science of radioactivity and how seriously matters are not being taken (Japan Focus),

That is a very good article and I recommend it to everyone. It’s because it’s a trained scientist talking about his field of expertise.

and 4) the new attempts at spin-doctoring the situation, for starters.

Who is doing the spin-doctoring? It looks like the article itself to me. For starters, it decides to illustrate the article with a photo from Nagasaki. It is quite a :headdesk: -inducing article, packed with straw men in almost every sentence.

Japanese people, including radiation refugees, plead for global help to survive human right to health violations experienced since March when Japan’s ever worsening nuclear power plant catastrophe began.


Today, an estimated five million people in the Ukraine suffer Chernobyl radiation deformities and cancer

Estimated by whom?

a lawsuit brought to force government officials to evacuate more than 350,000 children from the Fukushima area where they are being forcibly exposed by the government to lethal doses of radiation.


U.S. involvement in nuclear genocide abroad and at home

:roll: I don’t think you know the meaning of that word.

There have been Japanese government televised programs espousing Plutonium is good for humans.


Japanese teachers force students to eat food that parents fear is contaminated with radiation.


If you can stand it, the original The Examiner article is a horrendous mess of links to even more wide-eyed speculation that would not be out of place in a The Onion article.

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  1. Jerry, despite Mr Lake having a dubious past, he does have the court judgement on his side and he perhaps has some cause for complaining about the consulate’s behaviour, but as with Mr Saveloy, he does not seem to me to be a good poster child for their campaign.

    BTW, why did his wife end up in Japan?

  2. Ken, I’m not so certain of that. I’m hoping the County Clerk’s website comes back up, then we should be able to see what he actually has. And a default judgement where the other party isn’t represented is hardly a judgement. But yes, hardly the poster child you want representing you for international child abduction.

    Trying to find Virginia Vause’s e-mail address to see if any of the rest of this mess can be verified.

  3. And no idea why the ex-wife landed in Japan. You’re close to Osaka – look her up. :lol: :twisted: :lol:

  4. Ken,
    I haven’t been a contributor on this website but I read it every day and would like to see todays’ post. Any way I could get the password for it?
    -David moss

  5. Sorry, no. I’m going to rewrite it this evening with less implied privacy invasion. I made a mistake by revealing too much information in the initial post. so I’m putting it on hold for now.

  6. Password protected? how hypocritical.
    Anyway a few links to help you with your mental issues, Of course I’m no expert in such things but there is help for you at the Meguro clinic. I’ve posted the some links below.
    Get better soon.–compulsive_disorder

  7. OK, I’ve updated the post. The facts are the same, but the detail level is minimised. Sorry about having to lock it, but I take my reader feedback seriously, so knew I had to get it cleaned up.

  8. I decided to revisit the original post, and guess what, a miracle happened!

    The headline:

    Another trustworthy source connected with the industry believes, short of a miracle, Fukushima reactors won’t be cooled enough in time to avoid “fission product release”

    And the main text:

    However, the level of radiation released if there is a meltdown of one reactor pressure vessel will dwarf the levels of radiation being released now (up to 10 x 10 to the 5th power higher). This is why cooling is imperative.

    I interpret this as the miracle being preventing the meltdown (melt-through?) that will move us from tera-Becqerels to exa-Becquerels of released radio-isotopes. Well, the melt-through has happened at two (perhaps all three?) reactors and there’s been no more spikes since the initial hydrogen explosions.

    However, his capitulation demand is not for the exaggerated figures above, but for some straw man claim that the naysayers were claiming TEPCO and GOJ were releasing the trust, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. :headdesk:

  9. I see that the original articles, like the old “Mick Hogan” abduction tale, have been deleted from both CRNJapan and BAChome.

    Unlike last time, is leaving the story up, despite the original sources disavowing themselves of the story.

    I guess a reporter finally contacted the consulate and confirmed that no such event took place.

    Additionally, the parties behind the original story have been aggressively sending false DMCA copyright violation takedown notices to to try to erase the story from blogs attempting to tell the truth.

  10. Here’s Nature looking at Fukushima:

    The map they give is useful for those claiming Fukushima is worse than Chernobyl.

  11. A quote from that article by Gerry Thomas:

    “Personally, I do not think that we will see any effects on health from the radiation, but do expect to see effects on the psychological well-being of the population,” she says.