Drugs mule dies in transit, Mr Arudou gets confused


I was going to comment on this story yesterday, but the thread got even better since then.

Basically, someone behaving suspiciously at Kansai Airport was taken in for questioning and later died. As a side note, the Japan Times had a curious lead sentence:

A 55-year-old African man […] with a Belgian passport

Anyway, on to the analysis. First, Mr Arudou hedges things with apparently, allegedly and sees fit to put "being subdued" in quotes, scolds someone for speculating, appears to insert an apparently into a comment, then has this rather overblown opinion of his own influence:

But nobody’s at Immigration is going to be talking unless we raise the questions and publicize these cases.

But, it gets better today. Someone posts that the Japanese press is reporting that the swallowed condoms (or whatever exactly the packages of choice were) leaked, which earned this rebuke:

– Not confirmed yet. Read the headline. 覚醒剤飲み込み入国か And the rest of the article while you’re at it. Anyway, give us a cause of death so we can rule out foul play, is the point.

Someone replies that Mr Arudou should read the rest of the article, which earns the [iyami deleted] tag. We finish the thread off with a comment that must surely have been a result of Mr Arudou being on drugs (legal ones only, of course):

– Gotcha. I wonder why the Belgian media would be interested.

Read the first sentence of the Japan Times article again please, or even me who knows absolutely zero Dutch can make an educated guess that the headline of the Belgian article "Ghanese Belg die overleed op Japanse luchthaven, smokkelde drugs" translates to "Ghanaian Belgian dies of overdose at Japanese airport, smuggled drugs". (Actually, I checked and overleed is not overdose, but the past indicative of to die, but that doesn’t change the reason why the Belgian media would be involved. Oh, and Google Translate works well on that headline.)

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  1. Hi LB: I’ve killed your previous comment (maybe I’ll bump up your privileges so that you can edit comments) – and thanks for your couple of articles, as I’ve been too busy doing nothing this holiday time…

    Well spotted – I wonder if I should keep track of his changes enacted thanks to tepido.org?

    I also should investigate some sort of revision control/tracking system that can take snapshots of debito.org so I can quickly find such updates.

  2. I’m the guy who posted the comment you said earned the “iyami deleted” tag.

    Apparently Debito didn’t like the sentence “Sorry that this happened to be just another drug bust and not an anti-gaijin pogrom after all!” or something like that.

    Fake TN, I’ve just discovered your site today (via Japundit) and am bookmarking you furiously. Hope I can contribute in the future — I was too lazy to get my own attempt at a Debito-debunking site off the ground, but I get too annoyed at his crap not to point out the inconsistencies (and outright lies) sometimes.

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