"collectively identified 63 debito posters"


That is a flat-out lie, as I have a million and one more useful things to do with my time, and of course no such thread actually did appear.

The posts on that subject disappeared at some point around the weekend.

Oh how convenient. :roll:

Quite frankly, I think that they are a strange bunch.

At least that’s probably correct. :razz:

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  1. If debito.org adopts a personal information privacy policy, swears to never again stalk people at conferences,nor write letters to their universities or employers seeking retribution, stops inviting his fans to harass people, recognizes that legitimate differences of opinion are healthy for debate, learns to differentiate between a difference of opinion and a personal attack, adopts a source/citation policy even for those who agree with him, ends the use of anonymous unsourced fictional material for personal attacks, and adopts a corrections policy for his site,

    then maybe some people would be more comfortable divulging identities.

  2. On a side note, it’s really funny that Hoofin commented on this topic, as I had a spat with him for disagreeing with him for what he said about the JET Programme. In typical Debitard fashion, he accused me, and of another blog (www.japanblogreview.com) of being the work of the same person that was tied to Interac, who he apparently got fired from.

    A little bit paranoid, are we?

    Was I a bit immature? Honestly, a little bit. Was what he said about my coworkers on my program stupid and painting people with too wide of a brush? Yes.

    As a member of the 4chan generation (I don’t post there. Something Awful is more my cup of tea. :razz: ), I’m amused by how the older generation can’t take any form of criticism or the heat when they’re called out on their crap on the internet and resort to accusations of cyber-bullying and cyber-stalking. Because we all know I don’t have anything better to do than to spy on people I don’t disagree with.

  3. Not fired. Just not hired.

  4. I can see why you have a hard-on for the man, Ken. That photo he posted of you; Ouch…

  5. Eido Inoue – thank you for your extremely interesting post. But really – how dare you be rational, fair, and logical in your argument! Just what kind of site do you think this is?

    Let’s take a closer look at this whole thing. Here’s the text of the original email to Debito, according to Debito.org:

    May 18, 2011
    Hi Debito,

    I just wanted to let you know that last week on ‘tepido naruhodos’ page, I saw a thread that included a large amount of communication between some posters about the posters on debito.org. They were discussing that of that date they had collectively identified 63 debito posters through e-mail addresses and social media sites.

    I don’t know if you were aware of this, or if it was brought to your attention. The posts on that subject disappeared at some point around the weekend.

    First, note that the mail is dated the 18th, with is a Wednesday. James says that the posts ‘disappeared at some point around the weekend’. That has to refer to the weekend of May 14-15. So – after stumbling upon this nasty stuff on tepido, James Grey decided to do….nothing? He just kinda waited for a week or so, didn’t email Debito, didn’t notify or call out anyone on Tepido, didn’t take screen shots, nothing? And only emailed Debito after the alleged posts ‘disappeared’?

    A far more likely scenario: he misread the ’61 straw men’ post, thought it meant something completely different, and when he went back looking for really incriminating posts, couldn’t actually find anything, and thus concluded that the posts had ‘disappeared’, but decided to email Debito anyway. No doubt confident that complete and utter lack of actual evidence wouldn’t stop Debito from calling on the pitchfork brigade.

  6. Thanks. The person it was addressed to didn’t think much of it, despite my attempt to answer his questions. I got a teenage “tl;dr”-ish response from him. I swear, kids these days. Can’t read anything longer than a tweet.

    So here’s the same comment in 140 characters or less, for the debito.org crowd that managed to get through college without any reading assignments:

    Not all NJ agree. Debito: nice guy, bad activist. Int press sux at JP b/c they are Eng— debito.org etc’s the problem; tepido.org the answer.

  7. Along that vein, why didn’t Debito contact Tepido.org to see if there was any validity to the claim before using scare tactics to rally the troops?

    Because, again, that is his MO. Without it, he is unnecessary and irrelevant.

  8. It fit his preconceived narrative that those who disagree with him are creeps, cyber-stalkers with no life other than to troll him, and look funny. It didn’t warrant verification.

  9. He actually called your thought out, structured and reflective answer a “rant”.

    Maybe that’s what the kids are calling anything longer than 140 characters. The internet is thus divided into tweets and rants. (And we all had such hope for it….)

  10. I want to add my thanks to Mr Inoue for his efforts in posting a full reply to those somewhat impertinent questions.

    That has to be the most concise, yet accurate, description of “western media’s” relationship with reporting in Japan and I appreciate your insights into reasons behind the change in your relationship with debito.org

    The posts on that site regarding the nuclear situation have really awakened me to concerns in the authority with which he speaks about topics that he clearly knows nothing about. Maybe I’ve just been feeling the pain that people with some understanding of the Japanese legal system have been feeling on reading his postings for some while.

  11. Debito writes:

    Anyway, this post is not a discussion about how Debito.org has “gone downhill” (after all, if you don’t like Debito.org, don’t read it, silly!). It’s a discussion about the vipers’ nests on the bullying side of the internet, and how Debito.org Commenters (sic) who present views contrary to those scumbags should protect their own privacy, for these amoral ruthless bullies have the tools at their disposal to root you out, and will do so.

    What tools at Tepido.org’s disposal? It is evident that Debito would like his readers to believe that there is a massive conspiracy afoot to find and expose all the “nobodies” (who cares about them?) on the internet and destroy their livelihoods. Don’t just worry about the Japanese government destroying your happiness in Japan, he insists, also worry about those “scumbags” and “amoral ruthless bullies” in that “vipers’ nest”. :facepalm: It’s difficult to understand why anyone who values empirical evidence, logic and methodical arguments would believe anything Debito alleges but some still do.

    I cannot speak for anyone but myself, but my criticism was never directed at private individuals in their homes; it was very much directed at the arguments and allegations of a columnist of the Japan Times who used his very public hate blog as a means of inciting the public without “just cause” when he clearly was not qualified to be discussing in any authoritative manner 99% of the subjects on his agenda, ranging from complicated legal issues to the nuclear crisis.

  12. Nogbad, kudos on your comment which got through on Debito.org. Fair but critical both to Debito.org and Tepido.org. I think Debito’s response only proves your point, that things are going downhill. Maybe it’s only my personal pet peeve, but what turned me from a Debito supporter into a skeptic (and eventually turned me to this site) was Debito’s tendency to respond to civil criticism with caustic, personal insults. In response to your post we get “viper’s nest/scumbags/amoral ruthless bullies.” Previously we’ve seen “lay off the weed/grow-up/F-off” etc. I mean he really thinks those who disagree with him are amoral?

  13. I mean he really thinks those who disagree with him are amoral?

    It’s interesting that he apparently does think that.

    But he is not saying anything new in those replies. In publishing his first book, Debito made it clear that anyone disagreeing with him was probably either amoral, racist, or both.

    The two reviews that I found to be the most useful in capturing Debito’s MO and debate style were:



  14. – Even if it is a matter of somebody trolling this time (which I doubt it is), it’s not unprecedented now; I personally know several Debito.org Commenters who have for many moons now already had their personal backgrounds researched, then attacked quite viciously ad hominem by denizens of this site you find so “useful”.

    I suppose it’s too much to ask for a site?

    Anyway, this post is not a discussion about how Debito.org has “gone downhill” (after all, if you don’t like Debito.org, don’t read it, silly!). It’s a discussion about the vipers’ nests on the bullying side of the internet, and how Debito.org Commenters who present views contrary to those scumbags should protect their own privacy, for these amoral ruthless bullies have the tools at their disposal to root you out, and will do so. Are these the type of people you really want to be associated with? Stay there then, and enjoy the company.

    And yet, we have zero proof of anything…..

    Very sad that Debito can’t understand that simply letting people comment when they disagree with him instead of deleting their comments would mean Tepido would die a quick death. The only time he posts complaints marginally critical of him is when he wants to use the post to as a 2×4 to beat his critics over the head – like the above post. Which is a shame, because Beneaththewheel’s post was more than fair: it was a plea for Debito to realize how his extremist views and actions are doing him far, far more harm than good. What did he get for his troubles? Essentially, ‘You must be one of them. Bugger off’. Constructive criticism is simply lost on him.

    I’d encourage everyone to go back and read Eido’s post. It’s an excellent, excellent read.

  15. >I suppose it’s too much to ask for a site?

    Or cite, even? :facepalm:

  16. Not Dr. Herb Aldwinckle

    Debito frequently cites “Internet bullying” however he is guilty of going beyond simple bullying on the Internet. He has often contacted employers of his targets and/or encouraged his followers to do the same.

    For example in 1996, on the now-defunct Dead Fukuzawa Society listserv, he went after a white American professor teaching at a university who used a registered legal alias of “橋守岩人” Hashimori Iwato). Debito – then known as David Aldwinckle – pursued the poor guy both online and off. He continually attacked Hashimori – calling him ‘Hashimoron’, accused him of not really being a professor but instead “just another fucking English teacher” (which is ironic given Debito’s own occupation/position). And, he even called Hashimori’s employer in an attempt to harass and embarrass him. This was more than 15 years ago!

    More here:

    However even today we find Debito using the same tactics to harass any critics. Witness his creepy personal stalking attack on Mike Guest. Also, less known was his very effective poison pen campaign against Gregory Clark when Clark was at Tama University. To this day, he remains clueless about the letters sent to the university asking why such a “racist” was allowed to represent the school.

  17. Eido must be really sad that Mr Arudou hasn’t worked out who he is yet! :lol:

  18. Good point gustaf! Yes, there is a lot of “English teacher in a back-of-beyond college” here to describe Mr Arudou’s position. May I that this opportunity to suggest to others that they refrain from such language.

  19. Yup Andrew, I thought “amoral” was out of order; viper’s nest, scumbags and ruthless bullies are fair criticisms, but…

  20. Interesting links. Reading that exchange felt like watching an old Star Trek episode. I don’t know why but it did.

  21. Not really sure what exactly you mean by the first sentence, but that photo was specially selected by me. I’m sure I had a good reason for it at the time. :lol:

    However, I don’t get his obsession with how I look, as this is the second time he’s done this after getting huffy with Tepido.org – isn’t associating a stereotypical behaviour with an appearance one of the characteristics of a racist? :roll:

  22. The obvious [c|s]ite would be Ms Beamer.

    Oh, and a few years ago Mr Arudou outed two posters on two separate occasions by tracing down their email addresses and of course there is the recent Mike Guest incident.

  23. I think whoever runs this ‘Tepido’ website seriously needs to get himself a life. Seriously, creating a whole website to trash someone? It doesn’t get more pathetic than that.


    Steve (no alias here. you also have my email address)

  24. Sheesh, I go on vacation for a week and what happens? Debito not only open acknowledges the moderators of this site on his blog; he also seems to instigate a full-blown flame war. Where’s my popcorn? :mrgreen:

    Isn’t the hypocrisy hilarious? “Guys, those anonymous cowards allegedly have your email addresses and names. Use a pseudonym. But keep in mind that using a pseudonym doesn’t make you an anonymous coward because you’re on the right side of the fence. My side.” :facepalm:

    Seriously, though, Inoue-san’s post is spot on. I think that the issue he touched on in point number 3 is especially accurate & well articulated.

    Again, I’m not a professional psychologist, but one does not have to be in order to understand that Debito consistently and prominently displays two character defects: projection and confirmation bias. The latter is especially blatant. He not only cherry-picks articles from the net that confirm his “unique” view of Japan; he also strictly controls what kinds of comments are allowed onto his site. This is nothing new, of course, but my point is that the confirmation bias is easy to spot, as those comments are usually found to be neutral at best and brown-nosing/shameless pandering at worst. Oh, and if he allows a comment that he doesn’t agree with to get through? Get ready to be raked over the coals or have your comment belittled and/or deflected (“back on topic, please”). So much for constructive debate.

    Sure things get heated and maybe a little nasty over here (and there too, I might add) at times, but this site rarely, if ever, strays from its apparent/stated goal of calling out Debito’s misinformation/bias/etc. Maybe he thinks it’s unfair that this site’s objective is to oppose his infallible logic (remember folks, he believes he is the fist of justice), but the truth is without Tepido.org and sites like it, Debito’s frequent false allegations, straw men, and projection go unchecked. The man just happens to a particularly easy nut to crack (in terms of pegging his agenda and personality). He’s also probably a lot more sensitive to criticism than he lets on.

    Like Inoue, I don’t advocate personal attacks on anyone, but as he pointed out: Debito and Debito.org are so close to reaching a singularity that it’s almost impossible to refute/attack one without somehow affecting or involving the other. I am truly sorry that life dealt him such a terrible hand, regardless of whether he is 100% to blame or not. However, he seems to want to take Japan down with him, and I find that to be utterly reprehensible.

    People on both sides can name call and finger-point until doomsday, but the fact remains: this site continues to serve as the yang to Debito’s yin. As long as people like him continue to spread misinformation and pursue a hate-fueled agenda, sites like this one will continue to be necessary.

  25. Notrace Mike Says:

    “I did a google on David Aldwinkle and all I saw were positive reviews and informative reads on numerous sites. I think the haters are off beat types, probably nobody pays them much attention thus the need to hate.”

    Interesting assertion.

    I did the same Google search for “David Aldwinckle”. These are the results:

    The first few hits are David Aldwinckle’s website, so they’re irrelevant.

    The first 3rd-person hit on the first Google page is entitled:

    “This is Why I Hate David Aldwinckle”

    The second is a critical interview of David Aldwinckle (Debito) on japanreview.net:

    The rest on the first page have nothing to do with the same Debito Arudou or David Aldwinckle.

    The second page has a few unrelated hits to a different David Aldwinckle, followed by Gregory Clark’s essay entitled “The Strange Story of Debito Arudou”

    These are followed by more unrelated hits to a different David Aldwinckle.

    The third page has more unrelated hits to a different David Aldwinckle followed by:

    Arudou Debito — Encyclopedia Dramatica

    and gaijinpot criticizing David/Debito’s antics.

    The fourth page has more unrelated hits to different unrelated David Aldwinckles followed by Yuki Allyson Honjo’s excellent and critical review of his first book Japanese Only

    I stopped reading after the fourth page, because it became evident at that point that Notrace Mike was either not reading the actual links he claims were so positive and informative towards Mr. Arudou, or he was pranking Debito.org readers to see if they would agree with him without looking.

  26. “a few years ago Mr Arudou outed two posters on two separate occasions”

    source, please

  27. Well it looks like news of the war has spread to Japan Probe, which is the equivalent of “going viral” in the Japanese blogosphere. Well done Debito, for putting tepido.org on the map once and for all. Now it is not only your readers who will have the chance to engage in actual debate about your opinions, others are going to come to your site pre-warned.

    Plus, how did I ever miss this:


    “When I’m finished with an issue of the Japan Times, I usually notice two stains stand out the most – my coffee mug stains and Debito.”

  28. elegant Ken, wonderfully elegant. :lol:
    Gets me thinking. Can anyone really be said to be a racist in this day and age? doesn’t ‘racist’ imply ‘proponent of a scientific theory claiming to explain individual behavior by a SCIENTIFIC theory of how biological SCIENTIFIC concepts like ‘race’ affects behavior?’ or something like that? When it comes to behavior I’ve seen a lot of ignorance and intolerance in my day but I have to admit that I’ve never actually met a racist in that sense of the word.

  29. Again, I’m not a professional psychologist, but one does not have to be in order to understand that Debito consistently and prominently displays two character defects: projection and confirmation bias.

    While projection and confirmation bias are clearly major symptoms, the crux of the problem is, he’s emotionally stunted. What does a two-year old do when they want a piece of candy? They shout, cry, scream, stamp their feet, cause all sorts of ruckus, because they want a candy and they want it now, dammit! A two-year old has no situational awareness. Limited capability to compromise, mostly because they lack the emotional maturity to distinguish between ‘now’ and ‘later’.

    We all know people like that – the guy screaming like a water buffalo a the ticket agent when he can’t get a flight, the woman berating the waitress because her shrimp scampi wasn’t just so, etc. They take any and all situations where they might technically ‘be right’ and proceed to do what the 2-year old does: throw a temper tantrum when they don’t get their way. When called out on such tactics, they fall back on the ‘but I’m right’ mantra, not realizing that getting along and getting ahead in the real world is aless about knowing the rights and wrongs and more about knowing how to navigate the infinite shades of grey.

    I wish I knew where I got this, because it’s a great line, but: a lump in your oatmeal, a lump in your throat, and a lump in your breast are all very different things. Happy, well-adjusted adults know how to deal with each in a way that doesn’t involved hitting everything around you with a sledgehammer.

    To be honest, I know a couple of non-native Japanese in Japan that – although not as extreme – are also somewhat emotionally stunted. IANAP (I am not a psychiatrist), but I’ve often wondered if isn’t related to the fact that these men came to Japan right out of high school / university, and never left. I suspect that coming to Japan, walking into a job that requires no real skill or talent to get* and finding it easy to get dates – well, it wouldn’t surprise me if said individuals had trouble navigating the real world with real problems that require critical thinking, compromise, diplomacy and tact.

    (*there are many English teachers with definite skill and talent…but they are both exceptions to the rule, and are really more cases of good luck more than anything. I’d wager 99 times out of a 100, the employer would have happily hired the no-talent hack if they had been the first person to walk in the door, and they would have been none the wiser for it).

  30. Thanks for those links! They were very entertaining.

  31. I was going to go with “Stop that, it’s silly!”, but somebody already got in a reference to Monty Python tonight.

    Great minds think alike? :grin:

  32. Piglet Says:
    May 23rd, 2011 at 10:53 pm
    I cannot figure out why somebody would want to create a blog specifically dedicated to contradict and attack Debito in every aspect, going as far as calling the blog “Tepido”・・・・・
    By the way, I discovered through this post that Tepido and the owner of “What Japan Thinks” are the same person.・・・・・

    A good question. 
    I guess Piglet didn’t know Mr Arudou has been blocking the comments correcting misinformation on Debito org.

    The Dude has suggested the compromise so that people are not prevented from accessing the truth and alternative views.

    Mr Arudo and his followers have been rejecting the simple proposal.

    And considering his status as Japan Times columnist, it is worth creating the site dedicated to revealing their lies, half-truth, presenting the truth and alternative views, telling more effective ways to solve the problems between J and NJ.


  33. Mr Grey does tend to exaggerate, so every figure he gives you will be two counts too high. Otherwise he’s perfectly all right, perfectly ha, ha, ha

    But it does mean that when he says 63 dog kennels, it is in fact 610 dog kennels.

    *whisper* Keep in mind that you have to say dog kennel because if you say “straw men” Mr Grey gets confused, puts a bag over his head, and forgets which side he’s supposed to be trolling.

    Apart from that he’s really all right.

    Well, not really

  34. Nice and clear post. Thank you sora.

  35. Interesting theory Rock. But it falls apart a bit on the being “technically right” part.
    debito.org has a well-established (just count the number of articles here at tepido) history of cases of not being “technically right”..maybe technically half-right if you want to be generous.
    And with this recent stunt, debito isn’t even aiming for half-right. It’s all fiction and he knows it. (more on that point later)

    I think maybe there is relevance in recent sociology studies about some people (true believers) being so set in their beliefs that they will willfully ignore even the most simple and blatant evidence that proves their beliefs are wrong, just because they can’t handle changing their value system. This style of thinking may even be hard-wired into their brains.

    It’s how creationists ignore all the proof of evolution.
    How 9/11 and Moon landing conspiracy nuts ignore photo evidence disproving their insanity.
    How some Democrats believe the Laffer Curve is a fiction. :wink:

    So you’re right in a way. debito believes fervently that he is 100% right. He is not actually 100% right, but he has locked in his belief system that way. His shrinking cadre of commenters (those who aren’t trolls faking it for their own amusement) are likely the same. They likely failed in Japan or in life in one way or another, and are 100% convinced Japan Is Racist, etc. They fell in love with debito because he was dishing up evidence of racism and Japan’s less than perfect handling of immigration issues (much of it at least partly true) on an almost daily basis. Support for their belief system. Paradoxically, even True Believers seek evidence to support their faith. debito has photos of Japanese only signs. Catholics have the Shroud of Turin. Most of debito’s recent Japanese only photos have been removed through the work of true activists contacting the managers of the shops, but the photos are still “proof” of the “continuing spread of these signs” to the True Believers. Just as carbon dating proved the Shroud of Turin is likely a 14th century artwork, True Believers still believe.

    So even though debito KNOWS this “collective 63″ is a fiction, like Dan Rather and that fabricated letter about Bush, deep down he knows that the story may not actually be valid, but he believes it MUST be true in spirit, because tepido.org is Evil. tepido.org commenters MUST be plotting to collect identities of debito.org commenters, because they are Evil. It is fiction, but it has truthiness to debito, as coined by the modern sage Steven Colbert. :lol:

    Coined. heh heh :headdesk:

    I’m convinced those who are still with debito as of this insanity can never change.

    That old article of his about “Truth Octane” sure does read differently now.

    For further reading (much better than my little rant here) on the True Believer, check this out

    Reads like a checklist

  36. I like you Level3 and therefore I’m going to be obstinate in the same way. Where is the example of what irrational Republicans believe? That the ‘invisible hand is fair?’ I look forward to the day when we as foreigners in japan can debate what we believe with out having to resort to ethnic posturing and/or bringing up race for no apparent reason :)

  37. heh heh, note the :wink:

    The Bible-thumping Republicans have plenty of irrational beliefs. Then of course there’s the corporate welfare hypocrisy.

    I too look forward to the day when ethnicity and race are no longer seen as barriers and excuses to quarrel. Ridiculing True Believers of all stripes into irrelevance is a small step toward that goal, but-

    Unfortunately, race-blindness will probably only happen on the day when we are forced to unite in the final battle of humanity against Skynet.. or zombies.. or maybe aliens (illegal aliens.. don’t tell debito!)

  38. Amen to that (meant a secular way) :lol:

  39. James Grey says:

    They are both failed self-appointed Japan experts. They came here, stayed for a few years, got married to Japanese wives, and thought to themselves ‘you know what, I understand Japan pretty well now. I should write about it!’.
    Unfortunatly [sic], having unremarkable lives and experiences in Japan, the pair of them never got beyond a couple of appearances in the Japan Times. Debito, on the other hand, has a regular column, and they are fiercly [sic] jealous.

    James Grey really has a rather large bone to pick, doesn’t he? A classic example of projection from one of Debito’s most ardent followers.

    I personally think the unhappy one is Debito. He’s a victim, remember? How can a perpetual victim experience true happiness?

    I don’t think that this site (Tepido) is about character assassination. I said it once before already: it’s about balance. Debito puts out his biased opinions and Tepido is there to counter them.

    After the ‘becoming a journalist fail’, Ken Yasumoto-Nicholson fancied himself as a cult blogger. Unfortunately he has nothing to blog about: he is not special, in the same way that Mark David Chapman was not special. What did Chapman do? Become ‘special’ by assasinating John Lennon. Ken Y-N becomes ‘special’ by character assasination of Debito. Right down to the name. In himself, he is unremarkable, without Debito to feed off like a parasite, no one would ever heard of him. Tepido is solely dependant on Debitos fame for his own existance.

    Too many grammatical/spelling errors so I didn’t bother with [sic].

    Comparing Ken Y-N to MDC? I’d say making that comparison is about as silly as Debito comparing himself to MLK.

    I subscribed to Ken’s 世論 site via my RSS feed long before I knew who Debito was (or that this site existed).

    To top it all off, Debito knowingly let this terrible comment through. This is getting downright disgusting pretty quickly, but I have a feeling that participants on both sites will have to wade through a lot more muck before it’s all said and done.

  40. *BURP!*

    Those links have satisfied 2 years worth of the RDA for Irony. I am going to be setting off metal detectors all over town now.

    [...]come clean about your identity and take your lumps in the debate arena like the rest of us.

    In contrast to his current posting about staying anonymous.


    However, it only takes one person to spoil the party for the rest of us. Once one breaches the group’s trust, suspicions of legitimacy within the group proliferate, and it’s only a matter of time before even the trustworthy start bailing out.

    Like unsubstantiated posts by “James Grey”

    :headdesk: :headdesk:

    Sure, “Hashimori” has the analytical powers that some people respect. So did Nixon. But like Iago in Othello, or like Joe McCarthy in real life, once there is the possibilty of a person being unforthright–moreover a pathological liar–it’s hard to tell which is the truth and which is the lie anymore from that source of information.

    Like most of the things posted a “The Hate Blog”(tm)

    :headdesk: :headdesk: :headdesk:

    It would be bad news if disinformation could actually become news [...]

    Like your Fukushima posts. Or claiming that an izakaya photo run in the Nikkei of people supposedly discussing ‘flygin’ because you can’t tell the difference between 課題 and 話題

    :headdesk: :headdesk: :headdesk: :headdesk:

    Just goes to show you how much living isolated in another culture can change you. I’ve met nuts like “Hashimori” before. They think they’re another Lawrence of Arabia–unstable and insecure when amongst their own countrymen, convinced that they’re unique in their understanding of a foreign culture, and very preachy when anyone doesn’t match their point of view.

    :headdesk: :headdesk: :headdesk: :headdesk: :headdesk:


  41. To be fair, he did say “all I saw were …”

    You can’t blame a blinkered horse for not knowing what’s to the right and to the left!

  42. And Dave’s turned off the “awaiting approval” feature again. Looks like he’s worried about the extent of his editing/dropping comments becoming public knowledge. :lol:

  43. After reading Ms. Beamer’s latest set of allegations, I wanted to reply but I stopped myself. It’s almost as if she wanted people to take notice of her.

  44. The other thing that occurred to me while reading Ms. Beamer’s latest was how it demonstrated that people do read Tepido.org and they do care about this site’s discussion, despite the assertions to the contrary.

    Ms Beamer is entitled to stretch the truth every now and then — the whole point of this thread was James Grey’s unsupported allegations that someone (who?) has “collectively identified 63 debito posters.” No evidence was provided.

    Suddenly Ms. Beamer’s latest non-sequitur would have everyone believe that 63=1, and 1 has something to do with vague allegations of email hacking (?) without any evidence to support the assertion.

    But for some reason, she seems to be even more upset because some people took notice of her comments (???) on Lulu.com, and therefore feels her privacy was invaded because — *gasp!* — someone was reading her public university page. The horror, folks.

  45. EXCELLENT – for those wondering the extent of Dave’s editing/approval of comments someone here pointed out that while WordPress will let the admin delete comments (I commented to Ms. Beamers comment asking if she had gotten her PhD yet like she claimed in her original Lulu review) it doesn’t change the numbering. No doubt my comment was one of the 4 between Ms. Beamers comment and the 1st new comment Dave let through.

  46. Ms Beamers comment 41:


    Comment 42:


    250466-250462=4 comments deleted

    What are you afraid of Dave? What are you hiding? :mrgreen:

    Ken Y-N here, since I’ve closed comments… It could very well just be automated spam or just trolling…

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